Where: The Exploration Place, 333 Becott Place, Prince George

Time: 9:30 am – 12:00 pm (Join us for our Annual Picnic in the Park afterwards! Lunch will be provided for families attending the workshop)

Register here:

Two workshops at the same time for Parents and Children.

Workshop for kids (ages 8-13):

As Deaf and Hard of Hearing children grow up, the opportunity to get together, share experiences and learn from each other helps to grow community and sense of belonging. This event will provide an opportunity for your kiddos to engage in activities that are related to self esteem and identity as well as connect and have fun with each other!  We plan to invite parents to join the final portion of time to learn from your kids and engage in an activity together.

Parent workshop:

For all children, developing self advocacy skills as well as positive self esteem and identity is very important. For parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children, sometimes this requires a few extra ideas and strategies to support your child in developing these skills. This parent workshop will focus on providing tools and ideas to consider to support your child’s self advocacy skills across different environments.

Note: Siblings of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children within the same age group are welcome to attend the Kids workshop.

Workshops will be provided by staff from the both the Deaf Well Being Program and Family and Community Services (Provincial Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services). ASL interpreters will be provided.

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