We met with Linda Ramsey from Provincial Services when she was in Prince George and we will be working closely together with her office to offer online video workshops and other events for our families .

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As winter approaches we’re busy planning more activities! A “Learn a New Sport” workshop series is planned for upcoming months. Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 11th – 4:00- 6:00 p.m. for our annual Christmas party. We have a surprise location in mind where we can enjoy the outdoors, music, potluck and a visit from Santa for a great family and friends social event.Continue reading

Thank-you to everyone involved in our Adventure Camp. It was great to see families having fun as well as serving their community by helping to clear a lot of rocks in order to build a soccer field. The soccer field will provide fun experiences for children who also enjoy Ness Lake as an adventurous location. Continue reading

As summer draws to a close we look forward to the Adventure Camp in a few weeks. We’re happy to have Provincial Services for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing come to offer a workshop on Physical Wellness in the lives of our kids, as well as local audiologist, Brent Clayson to provide some information about early diagnosis of hearing loss.Continue reading

I am happy to report that due to a new grant, the Society will be able to hold its annual Adventure Camp for the next three years to come! We are happy to be able to make the camp a staple of our events and look forward to planning the networking, community, education, and fun that come from the camp.Continue reading

As June is behind us and the summer presents challenges of its own, hopefully along with some well-deserved relaxation! The Society is taking its own relaxation but will charge right into September with our annual Adventure Camp. Things are coming together and if you’d like to be a part please drop an email.Continue reading

As May comes to a close we only have one more month before the school year ends and much of the Society’s activity starts to sleep for the summer until our fall Adventure Camp. The event committee will be putting together the final preparations over the summer and if you have any ideas, please share them freely. And parents, we’d love to have you participate in any part of the schedule you feel comfortable with.Continue reading

Well, we had a great turn out to our AGM meeting last month, and to top it off we had several new Board members join! This is just fantastic as I feel it’s healthy for any society to have new individuals join the Board to share their fresh ideas and energy, allowing it to be taken in directions that others may not have considered.Continue reading

Well this month is a big month as we are having our Annual General Meeting at the end of the month and would love it if you came out to support the society, give input, share ideas for our big May fundraiser, and possibly join the Board as Director and/or on an Event Committee, i.e. the Adventure Camp Committee!Continue reading

January has been a very busy month planning events and submitting grant applications. We’ve received $2500 from Raise a Reader for our Mini Immersion Weekend and we’re waiting to hear back from several other applications. Please give us your suggestions for grants or sponsors to help enable us to host more great workshops and events for YOU!!Continue reading